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RoseBandwidth (iTunesGitHub) is an iOS application integrated with Rose-Hulman's IT department servers to track your bandwidth usage and send notification alerts when you exceed alert limits set by the user. The app will be deployed on the Apple App Store later this quarter, published as Rose-Hulman, developed by Jonathan Jungck and Anthony Minardo. It has been tested and approved by staff and will be of great use to students.

Cyber Defense Competition Team

As a member of the Cyber Defense Competition Team, I compete against other schools in various capture the flags, defense, and competitive collegiate competitions using our knowledge of computer security. For the club, I hold the position of treasurer.


This year, our school competed in the CCDC (Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition) and placed First in the Indiana State Qualifiers - continuing on to do well in the Midwest Regionals. Next year we strive to do even better and make it to the Nationals in the Spring.


Friendbook is a website and MySQL database project that uses advanced sorting and relevance to provide a unique individual experience for each user based on their interests and posts they are interested in. This was a great project to work on and had many challenges.

I am the Lead Sound Designer and Community Manager at Renegame Studios, an independant small app development group. We have released Bubble Blast! for Windows 8, and will be releasing soon on iPhone, iPad and Android platforms!

I am one of the Sound Designers and the Community Manager at JAZ, Inc, the producers of Sky Bridge MMO. I have produced a website for them, and will be helping them in development along the way!

I am an independent electronic music producer, with albums on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, and more.

And more! I'm happy to discuss my projects with you.

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